Plant Healthcare

Your landscape is a investment and the trees, shrubs, perennials and turf all coexist using the same soil, water and nutrients. Plant Health Care (PHC) is an approach to help maintain or improve your landscape’s beauty, growth and vigor with regards to cost and environmental impact.

Plant Health Care involves monitoring, preventative treatments, and working together with you to create the best solution possible for each unique landscape.

A PHC Program can include the entire landscape or address a single tree – It depends on your goals and budget. Perhaps you need a spray program for insect and disease management, or soil testing to help determine pH. It could be as simple as a recommendation to alter irrigation times or changing your mower height, or maybe your trees and shrubs could benefit from selective pruning to improve their structure and growth. We will give you all the information you need to help you make the right management decisions for your landscape.

  • On-site Evaluation
  • Plant Health Assessments
  • Horticultural Consultation
  • Insect and Disease Management
  • Tree Fertilization
  • Growth Regulation
  • Tree Injections
  • Dutch Elm Disease Management
  • Oak Wilt Management
  • Girdling Root
  • Compost Tea
  • Cultural Management Practices

Cultural Practices