Other Services

The trees have been planted, the lawn has been mowed, the landscape bed designed and installed. But something is missing? Maybe what your landscape needs is the finishing touches of mulch or a weekly maintenance visit to keep everything looking top-notch and polished.

Call Bassett, Inc. today to schedule an appointment to evaluate your landscape and discuss what our skilled landscape and maintenance crew can do for you.


Decorative mulches include shredded topsoil or stone. We can deliver and install your preference of mulch choice for mixed perennial beds and tree-rings for a clean, finished look.

Mulch offers more than aesthetics, it also will help suppress weed populations, moderate soil temperatures, retain moisture for plantings, and will help protect plant crowns during our freeze and thaw cycles. After decomposition, mulch can be incorporated into soils as organic matter amendments.

If you choose a stone mulch, we recommend that a weed fabric barrier be placed down before mulching to prevent weed germination.

Garden and Landscape Maintenance

A well-managed landscape requires regular attention, from mowing and pruning to garden maintenance, weeding or adding soil amendments. Our professionals have years of experience knowing what and when to prune, deadhead, split and divide, or what is a weed or not. We offer weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or alá carte maintenance services for vacation time or special occasions.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

Seasonal cleanups are essential to keep your landscape neat as well as healthy. Spring efforts concentrate on removing all leaves and debris from the lawn, planting beds and shrubs. We will also deadhead and cut down any perennials, or ornamental grasses left up for winter interest, as new growth emerges. The lawn will be raked if necessary and we will recommend any pruning or other services. Fall cleanups include lawn raking, the removal of autumn leaves from the lawn, planting beds and shrubs, and perennial winterization.

Snow Removal

Winters in Wisconsin can be long and unpredictable. No matter what Mother nature may bring, we are prepared to make sure your property is accessible, safe and clear of snow and ice. We offer both residential and commercial services.


We utilize the official readings from the National Weather Service based at Truax Field in Madison as our basis for snowfall amounts. A base price is calculated at a normal snowfall of 1"-3". Additional snowfall rates are calculated at increments of 3.1"-6", 6.1"-9, 9.1"-12, 12.1+

Snow Removal

Timely removal with the proper equipment is important to keep your drives, sidewalks and parking lots clear of snow and ice. A dedicated crew will know where to clear snow from and where to put it. Base rates are site specific but may include city sidewalks. Stamped and colored, or new concrete requires special equipment and a 46-0-0 deicer product. Extraordinary amounts of snow, either in one event or accumulated through the season may need to be physically removed from your site. Hauling is available on a per contract basis.


"Thank you for your excellent yard care and snow removal. Your staff is always professional and competent, as well as friendly."
—John, Middleton

We utilize environmentally friendly ice melt products that contain Calcium Chloride or Magnesium Chloride, and have less Sodium Chloride than standard deicers (rock salt). Calcium Chloride attracts moisture from the environment, and as the pellets go into solution, they emanate heat to melt even more ice and snow. These products are effective to about -25˚F, whereas rock salts are less effective. They are non-tracking, less corrosive, and less environmentally harmful to grass, trees, vegetation, pets or people. Salting is done on a contract basis.