Arborcare / Expert Tree and Shrub Maintenance


Selective pruning, based on ISA standards, will allow for the optimum health, habit, and development, as well as enhance the natural beauty of your trees and shrubs.

"Your crew was professional, clean and thorough. We really appreciate the great work they did for us!"
—Janet, Middleton

Tree and Shrub Removal

Hazardous or improperly planted trees and shrubs can be safely removed in a variety of manners. For difficult locations, crane removals can be arranged.

Bucket Truck Equipment

With a bucket truck, our certified arborists are able to perform tree pruning, removals or even gypsy moth treatments with even greater efficiency. Difficult location, no problem! Savings for you all the way around!

Spider Lift

The Spider Lift offers the duality of being able to access those difficult-to-reach places, needing no more than 3’ width, with the high functionality of a 72’ extension! This works great in many types of situations: Urban yards with smaller gate or side yard access or removal of brittle, EAB infested Ash trees or others that may present a hazard to climb. As it is a self-propelled track machine, the impact of your yard will also be less than other machinery. Overall a great solution that helps make for safer and efficient tree work.

Crane/Oversize/Difficult Location Work

Difficult location? No access? Hazard tree on a steep or precarious lakeshore bank? No problem! Expert tree removals combined with local crane or water barge resources can be utilized for any of these situations. We’ve even used a crane in a very difficult-to-reach location to expertly install trees. Don’t let difficult access or location prevent you from taking care of all the trees in your landscape.

Stump Grinding

If you’ve had a tree removed, you probably want the stump removed as well. The final touch is to grind out the stump and cleanup the area. You can choose to restore the area to lawn or install a new tree or plantings. Whatever you choose, we have the right stump grinder for the job, you won’t even know there was a tree there!


Trees that are compromised by weak structure or have been damaged, but are valued none-the-less, can benefit from proper cabling and bracing or bolting.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Severe weather, heavy snow or ice storms can damage the trees in your landscape and could create hazardous situations that need to be taken care of in a timely and effective manner. Not only are our crews efficient, they will also try to do the job as properly as possible. This helps limit further tissue damage and allow for wounds to heal healthier.