Arborcare / Consultation

Pre- and Post-Construction Protection

During new construction or additions to your home, the health and well-being of established trees and shrubs is often overlooked and problems may not manifest until years later, when it is too late to remedy. Large equipment can compact soils, grade changes can disrupt root systems, and construction debris can alter soil pH, the structure and quality of soils. Whatever your project, we can help to protect and preserve your existing landscape.

  • Create a plant protection plan, inventory trees and shrubs on-site and determine what can and should be saved.
  • Remove undesirable/invasive species and undergrowth
  • Collect existing boulders for future projects
  • Monitor grade changes around valuable tree assets
  • Protect or amend soil/ Preserve topsoil
  • Develop a long-term maintenance program to ensure continued success

Protecting Trees during Construction

Plant appraisals

What is Your Landscape Worth? Trees and shrubs damaged or destroyed, or of historical importance can be evaluated using an unbiased, technical estimate of their nature and value. Combining years of professional knowledge and a variety of approaches, such as replacement costs or cost-of-cure, we can help you determine what the values may be for insurance reasons or property assessments.

Structure and Hazard Analysis

Trees with structural defects and in precarious locations have higher percentages of failing and causing damage to either property or person. We will identify, document and recommend corrective action to be taken to remediate the hazard in an expedient and cost-effective manner.

Tree and Landscape Management Plans

Large estate, commercial or multi-housing residential properties should have established management plans in place. Our goal is to help you to establish priorities and identify objectives to create a healthy, thriving, and cost-effective landscape. Full inventories with status/condition reports are compiled, and maintenance for health care recommendations and schedules will follow. Considerations will be made for appropriate species and distribution to create a multi-culture of plant material and adherence to municipal guidelines. Budgeting and multi-year plans can be completed in which to address changes in plant materials and long term maintenance.

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